What about Charlotte?

You know that when it’s Aniplex and PA WORKS the ones that are involved in the art of any series, they never fail at delivering high quality entertainment. So to begin with, you can expected that in Charlotte.

To be honest, at the beginning I thought it was another shoujo comedy, but it hits with an unexpected rise of tension and mystery, that hooks you and make you wait the next chapter. It’s a series that slowly wraps you up with its slow well done development and of course it has a lot of light-hearted funny moments, but also a ton of serious moments that make the plot moves at the right moment.

74683lDon’t get confused… I’m not saying this is a master piece, but is a good story that will not ruin your time and will make you answer some questions:

What will you do, if you have supernatural abilities?

Will you use them for something personal or not?

Will you help others in the same situation?. 

That’s it… the answers will come smoothly and in a funny easy way… in 13 chapters, where the story will give you the exactly amount of information, to make you love the characters, understand them and discover the answer to those questions.


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