My Love Story!!


Ok everybody, let me tell you something about this story: Absolutely and without a shadow of a doubt, this post is SHOUJO… Yes, I said Shoujo (C’mon!!… don’t run away).

Just for today, I’ll talk about this lovely, cute, MANLY ROMANCE story (yes, I said manly romance); which main character is a bulky giant teenager with no luck in love… or maybe it’s just his idea.

This is the new title of spring 2015 written by Kazune Kawahara of “High School Debut” and illustrated by Aruko. If we try to judge the anime by its bland title, could be easily to assume, that this is just another generic entry in a over-saturated romantic genre filled with the same old cliches, but to be honest it’s a story with some “extra touch” that gives us a different spin of the already known characteristics of shoujo.

Let’s see… We have Takeo Goro (our hero), his best friend Suna, and the girl Yamato. Three peculiar characters, between clumsy and antisocial, but innocent and with an amazing heart. In this case Takeo is precisely the type of character we tend to see relegated to the background (with bad luck and no dreams)… huge, with two tiny eyes and a pair of thick lips that can distract you from any idea. This is not the typical image of hero and is precisely what is going to make you want to know a little bit more about him and his story… 33885-oreheada story where a “MANLY MAN” quiver and feel heart-warming emotions, that will awake the “butterflies” in his MANLY stomach. ok?

In a first person point of view, that keep us outside the characters heads, with a soft and pleasant artwork, lots of funny moments and zero melodrama… this is that type of stories that make you believe there is always a nice person with sincere feelings for you (somewhere) no matter your looks.


So… this is My Love Story!! the shoujo romance formula, that has changed a little bit 😉


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