TIE Fighter – short film

Now THIS is what I was expecting when it was announced the new Star Wars TV series…but we got what we got….but this Fan Tribute to Star Wars (let´s hope that he don´t get all the crappy shit from the owners like the Power Rangers fan film) this beauty thing was made by Paul Johnson (YouTube user OtaKing77077) who made an amazing job for 4 FRIKING years all by himself and it´s pretty awesome.

Personally I like the look and feel cause it´s more mature and adult oriented, and I want so bad a series more, you know, like not thaaaaaaaat childish, I don’t mind childish it´s just that Rebels kind of deserved a more serious and grown theme, and having a series with two teams of pilots a-la Macross but in the Star Wars Universe would be great. But until my Inner Star Wars nerd get what he wants, enjoy this short film and droll.



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