I didn’t´belive that this day would come but here it is…I mean it when I say this is a huge Spoiler Alert but most of you would keep on reading we go.



Keep reading to reveal who of the four brothers dies!!!

Yes, it´s confirmed that in the comic book chronology one of the four mutant green brother with ninja knowledge died at the hands of Rocksteady with a Sledgehammer, mother of you know whoo!!!! A SLEDGEHAMMER, that´s rough bro!!……..and who is it, well, it´s the nerdy Donatello…YEEEEEEEEES I KNOWWWW, it´s a huge loss for all of us nerds, THEY HAVE TO KILL THE GEEK ONE!!!…but in my mind and soul there´s still hope cause If I remember well in the first comic book (I know, years ago) Donnie ends up mostly a Cyborg, so maybe they are making some Robomutant ninja turtle or something, but if they keep him like dead dead maybe that means that the remaining brothers maybe got really wild, specially Ralph….but daaaaaaaaamn…damn damn…one it´s killed..or or or severally injured…let´s see what happens next.



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