Suicide Squad’ Official Cast Revealed

We previously had talked about the possible actress to play our favourite Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad movie, soooooo guess what? we were wrong 😦 but hey, no sad faces cause now the official cast has been releases and I think it’s pretty awesome.


The names are:

Jared Leto will play DC’s new Joker, Margot Robbie as his sidekick Harley Quinn, Will Smith as the masked assassin Deadshot, Aussie Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, newcomer Cara Delevingne as Enchantress, and Tom Hardy rounding out the squad as Rick Flagg.


So Cara will be in the movie but not as Harley, still SHE IS CONFIRMED so i’m good with that, besides we are gonna be able to watch again Will Smith in another superhero and with his name on it…(sorry for all the Jared Leto fans out there) I think maybe we can see a new franchise over here but my real concern as a nerd that I am it’s the Joker, this is a sensitive topic so maybe in further post whenever I make the idea of this new interpretation.

So what do you think about this?…I think more surprises for this hell of a team will be released.



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