Strange Magic… Coming Soon!


That’s right!

This is the movie nobody knows about it, until some weeks ago and that make many people guess… What is this all about?

Let’s start from the obvious part… if the name of George Lucas wasn’t all over the trailer, there’s no way to guess that he is the one in charge of this animation; because it doesn’t look, sound or feel like one of his stories, at all.

Watching the trailer is like having a feeling of something related to Shrek and The Dark Crystal, a world that is divided into a kingdom and a dark forest, which respectively serve as home to the traditionally “good” creatures (elves, fairies) and traditionally “bad” creatures (goblins) of all fantasy folklore.

But, one thing that nobody can denied is the animation work, that in simple words: Looks Terrific!….(go after the break to see it)


Another good thing about this film is that Lucas and Gary Rydstrom homogenized the story into something to be really lovely to behold. It’s truth that Lucasfilm Animation will unveiled a look at another world of magic and adventure, far away of the Star Wars movie (we are use to watch); but it will be a story that walks in the path of things that can give you a nice smile, more if you take in count the voice cast that includes Kristin ChenowethAlan Cumming and Evan Rachel Wood.


So… let’s wait for the released of Strange Magic  on Jan. 23, 2015.


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