Jurassic World trailer for the trailer

I think I have seen it all that now we have a trailer for a trailer (that’s a new one) cause the whole Trailer based fans community (me included) kind of get really nerdy when it comes to a well done trailer. It’s like a subculture inside the subculture so getting a trailer for a trailer it was to be expected.


And it’s the turn for one of the best Sci-Fi series (at least from my point of view) JURASSIC WORLD, the long awaited forth part situated 22 years after the firt one. I can still watch the 90’s version and could swear that it wasn’t made like 20 years ago.

Now I hope that this come back of the Jurassic Theme stuff gets at least three more movies and please please please include in some of those Dr. Malcom.

So you can watch the trailer for the trailer after the break.


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