Warcraft Movie Posters

To be able to resist the no more Lord of the Rings movies hangover…(until they decided to make more money) we have another franchise that could save all of us fantasy nerds, and that’s Warcraft…most of the ones that are reading this post should at least have some knowledge of what Warcraft is. For those who don´t know and are interested, let me tell you that you have wasted a lot of your life without knowing or even experimenting the pleasure of playing the most greatest Strategy game ever, well, let´s count his brother Starcraft also…so..those two games are like the ones you have to beat up to be able to win a place in the industry.


So basically Warcraft it’s a game that has an awesome setting in a world of fantasy where may find Orcs, humans, undead, fighting pandas,  Tauren shamans, fricking Nagas, and more and more and more in this fantasy world. Also there is World Of Warcraft, one of the most popular Online Multiplayers games EVER.

The good news?…well, we have a movie coming for march 2016…(damn time) and it’s expected to be the next franchise in what fantasy and magic big budget movies are coming. Back a few years the RPG game Dungeons & Dragons tried that but with no good results, so I hope…I REALLY HOPE that Blizzard don´t screw it up and gave us a good movie that could become at least a trilogy of Good bad ass action and maybe, just maybe we could see in the future some Starcraft movies in the big screen.

Without any more stuff I leave you with the movie posters released at the Blizzcon, They are just Awesome.

Go wach’em after the break :)…For the Oooooorde

warcraft-4-la-11-7-14 warcraft-3-la-11-7-14 warcraft-1-la-11-7-14


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