Pee-wee Herman Movie

Unless you’ve grown in an ambient full of craziness, some alternative music and lots of lots of weirdos around, you probably are familiarized with Pee Wee Herman, and for those that don´t know this incredible character from Paul Reubens, well, you should do some internet search and catch some of the episodes from his series that where aired in the eighties. Believe me that watching this show marks any child life.  The concept, the idea, the characters. in fact the whole concept it so ahead of its time.


An know with the DVD, BRay release of the hole series (AWESOOOOOME) Paul Reubens just announced that a new movie it’s coming out……yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei 🙂 so with out any further stuff, I leave you with the original show opening and with the announcement of Paul Reubens itself. Remember that you have some homework and research about this character, you might get surprised to find out the first Motion Picture of Tim Burton with this character

Check the videos after the break 🙂



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