Terminator: Genisys (wtf)

First of all I dunno if they spell it well or it’s a new thing to put weird names to reboots or something, but let me tell you that i’m a real hardcore fan of Terminator (excluding the one with the blond terminator, that never existed) anyhow, the recent Reboot it stills a little bit confusing that it’s a “Reboot” of a story that we all know but from a different angle or something because it includes the good T-800 but old? and aging? yeah you read it right, they are making a new franchise with robots that age or something……..I dunno….it’s sounds weird but at least they have Khaleesi kicking some robots asses.


Check some of the first images of this new version and until I see it i’m going to keep my commentaries to myself  but I can predict that they are going to blow the franchise. Please make me eat this last comment and make something worth watching.

Take a look of more images after the break 🙂

terminator-genisys-machine terminator-genisys-jason-clarke terminator-genisys-emilia-clarke terminator-genisys-courtney-clarke-1000x1024 terminator-genisys-clarke-connor-1024x1016 terminator-genisys-cast


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