Final Trailer Hits for ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1’

So this girl who has survived some tortuous games to free the people or something now it’s gonna kick everybody’s asses?…..I think so. There is something about the movies where you can find people like Philip Seymour Hoffman or Woody Harrelson and don’t get tired with them, you can’t go wrong and apparently with this “Books go to movie franchise” they nailed it.

The last trailer only it’s missing some robot kick ass machines and it’s a more than a must, but anyhow, I’ll go watch it anyway.

Aaaaaaand the last thing, they are doing it in two parts, until today it gets me confused all the new wave of making last parts in two parts or whatever…so this year we only have Part 1.


Here’s the trailer after the break 🙂



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