Harley Quinn rumors..Cara Delevingne

So for all you people that are not familiarized with the most awesome avengers-justice league-super heroes team you should check the “Suicide squad”, it’s like the expendables but with all kind of scumbags and psychopaths form the DC universe and guess what? There is a movie coming with an adaptation from David Ayer.


So, the main thing is that one of the most recent members of this squad it’s the all favourites, at least mine, the gorgeous Harley Quinn, this bitchy, crazy, adorable, maniac and hot villain that has a crush on the Joker, some people said to another people and so on that the studio wants to cast the English actress Cara Delevingne and I think that she could nail the part cause Harley should be like the character that steals the movie so please, please, please who ever is in charge of putting in the character in the movie, do it and do it right.

Some other that are rumoured for some characters are  Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Ryan Gosling, and Margot Robbie, if this is true Avengers and Justice League watch out cause Maniacs are coming :p



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