Star Wars Fan made posters

If there is something I like it’s a well done Fan Fiction production, and it’s only because when real fans make a tribute to what makes his/hers brains out, they do it with that passion that only a fan has…sometimes I wonder why some reboots and some other Big screen projects won’t use or contact some of the fan artist as a consultant or something…but anyhow.

Now It’s the time for a great artist named Vesa Lehtimäki who made this incredible series of posters for Star Wars, this kind of work just makes me be more expectant for Episode VII. C’mon Disney don’t disappoint us fans :p

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 12.37.21 PM9836152246_3b024fc594_o


More pics after the break 🙂

9272415848_0552c8fe87_o 9269633063_bb59e6ea0e_o 9218242902_a18f0ef08b_o 9215468333_75c612cfe1_o 9215468175_e0f05f99f1_o 9215468003_6dcfb85645_o


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