Krypton series on the go?

I haven’t seen any episode of the series Gotham because The Flash and Arrow has my hole attention in DC series, but a prequel of Batman without the Bat it’s like I don’t know…something it’s missing. Buuuuuuuut a prequel of Superman without the man of steel, not like the 90210 Smallville crap, but a really nice Hard Sci-Fi series in the Planet Krypton focusing on Jor-el, Zod and the hole mythology of the planet in a well fictional scenario sounds pretty cool. Like today there is no other hardcore Sci-fi series ongoing (perhaps Falling Skies) and I mean well done in the Adventure-Space Opera way.

So according to some sources of bleedingcool it might seems that David Goyer (writer and producer of man of steel) it’s working in a Series based in this idea of a prequel situated at the Planet Krypton so maybe, just maybe this could work….just saying maybe.



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